Older adults thoughtfully examine their lives in late age. They help each other to deal with keeping their lives interesting and fruitful.

They don’t have to ‘explain themselves’. They have an equal right to come forward and express themselves in their own terms.

See that you are not alone in your concerns.  Read the truth about what older adults really think and feel.

A reader comments, “When I read your blog, it makes me very happy. It makes me think about my feelings. But it also is such a beautiful blog to read. It is very hopeful, not sad.”


1.—–Click  below for Paula Span’s  article about our senior peer group.  It was published  in the nytimes.


2——**NEW PUBLICATION    Google has selected my article for independent publication on their site


Development in the Face of Decline


Here’s the way to contact me:

—-Email:  wannw1@optonline.net

—-Blog:  https://vibrantseniors.wordpress.com

—-Shortened link to this blog: goo.gl/ctBLU

—-Twitter:  http://twitter.com/VibrantSeniors

—-mswonlineprograms.org/best-social-work-twitter            (Best in #SocialWork: Twitter Accounts to follow)

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Current Publications:
#1   SocialWorkToday:    “Redefining Aging” in Social Work Today Magazine.  (Vol.No.6 P.32)”Vibrantseniors says elder years can still be full of productivity, connectedness, emotional resilience & wisdom.
#2 “It Gets Better With Age: Vibrant Older Adults Redefine Aging”.  Hope Matters:  The Power of Social Work.  NASW Press. 10/2014. Chapter 15.


—————-Wendy A. Wilson, LCSW—–PROFESSIONAL  ACTIVITY————

—–National Speaker on aging and senior issues at the NASW National Conference”Restoring Hope”,Washington DC  8/2012.

—–Former Faculty,  Adelphi Univ. School of Social Work, MSW Program, Garden City, New York.

—–Full-time Practicing Psychotherapist for 35 years.


—-Currently writing a book “It Gets Better With Age:  Vibrant Seniors Redefine Aging”.


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